If you are not currently licensed then you’ll need to get your insurance license.  Here are steps to get you started. Each state has different requirements so make sure to check with the department of insurance in your state for the most updated requirements, licensing fees, and license issue time frame.

Approximate cost to get your license.  Fees vary for each state.

  • Pre-license training $149.95 – Good news is when you join our team we pay for your pre-license course.  
  • Check with your hiring manager to get a voucher.
  • Exam and fingerprinting: Approximate $130
  • State license fee: Approximate $185
  • Register for your Pre-license training

    1. Go to www.ExamFx.com and click “New Users Login”
    2. Choose your “STATE” and click “GO”.
    3. Choose the Life Only Training, click “Proceed to Student Profile”
    4. Enter the Coupon Code below, clicking “Apply Coupon Code” to obtain
      our corporate discount. Check with our hiring manager to get a voucher for the course.

    When you register, select the Life course.  Set a firm schedule for yourself to complete the training in a 7 to 14 day period. It will take you 32 to 52 hours to complete the pre-license course and an additional 8 hours of study time.

    The longer you take the harder it becomes and the longer it will be before you start making money.

    Once you register for your course and you book the exam date send an email to the person who hired you so they can support you along the way.

    The pre-license training company, LicenseCoach.com has a very high success rate.  The package we offer with the discount voucher includes all the training materials needed to increase your pass rate the first time.

    ExamFX provides a Life, Health or combination Life and Health course in all states. Our courses are designed using your states content outline, ensuring complete coverage of all testable information. Our state of the art delivery, dynamic user experience and interactive tools ensure success for every learning level and style. You will have immediate access to:

    · Online study manual

    · Industry leading video content

    · Cram Sheets

    · Audio library

    · Flashcards

    · Social Media motivational tools and reward system

    · Student dashboard

    · Testing center hyperlinks

    · State specific exam breakdowns

  • Schedule your exam test date ASAP.  There are 2 reasons why you want to schedule your test date ASAP.  1) When you have a set date it provides additional motivation and accountability for yourself.  2) The testing facility may not have any test dates open for 2 to 3 weeks.  What you don’t want to happen is to complete your pre-license course and then find out that you can’t test for 2 or more weeks.  You’ll start to forget what you just learned.

    Book your exam as soon as you register for the online course.

    The following companies are authorized to provide the insurance exam testing. They are different for each state so check with each one to see what company is authorized in your state.

Overview of how to get your LIfe & Health Insurance License