Preparing for Appointment

To prepare for your appointments follow these steps.

  1. Save the carrier quoting tools to your phone and have the links bookmarked on your web browser or phone so you have quick and easy access.
  2. Determine the right product.  Here are some very general guidelines. See Agent Field Guide
  3. Review the carrier application – On the application review health care questions prior to meeting with the client.  Based on what the client shared on the phone, is the client still eligible for this product?
  4. Carrier Risk Assessment – If you are not a 100% certain call the carrier on your way to the appointment and have them do a Risk Assessment.  All carriers will provide you with a risk assessment.  It’s a great way to learn and become familiar with the carriers.  It will save you time and headaches so that you don’t put the client with a carrier product where they will be declined.
  5. Consultant with your mentor/manager. When you are new your mentor/manager will assist you in preparing for your appointment.  Have your notes and recommendations ready to discuss with them.

Preparing for the Field

When you are running multiple appointments each week it’s important to be organized and ready to write business. Here is a checklist and tips to help you prepare for the field.

  1. Carrier access – Register and make sure you have logged into the carrier’s website and have access to their quoting tool and eApplication.
  2. Practice with the eApplication process before you go so you are ready when you go into the home.
  3. Important note: Prepare for the unexpected. Always take the paper application with you as a back up in case you don’t have internet or the carrier site is down for maintenance.
  4. Join the agent help support group on Slack before you go into the field and save a link to your computer and mobile phone.
  5. Calendar your appointments: After you are done dialing for the day plug your appointments into your calendar or CRM system with the appointment date, time, and city name. I place the city name next to the client’s name so I know at a glance where my next appointments are. Watch video on how to calendar your appointment
  6. Have carrier applications printed – Keep a file carrier in your car that has the paper applications for your state. Even if the app is an eApp always carry a paper application as a back up in case your computer crashes.
  7. In-Home Presentation. Have a printed copy of your In-Home presentation. Final Expense in home presentation
  8. Client worksheet – Print multiple copies of the client worksheet for your appointments. Client Worksheet
  9. Computer & Mobile phone – Make sure to have your computer and chargers with you in the field.
  10. Important Phone numbers – Make sure you have the agent hotline and carrier phone numbers programmed in your phone before you go out so you are fully prepared. Carrier Contact Info
  11. Business cards – Not absolutely necessary and don’t let it hold you up if you are a new agent but it’s nice to have a business card with your info to give the client. Visit the company store to order.
  12. Yellow Folder leave behind – Have your Yellow folder kit with the final wishes planning guide that you can leave behind after you write a policy.
  13. Leads – Always take leads with you in the field.  When an appointment cancels on you or if you have time in between appointments this is a great opportunity to book more appointments.  Think like a top producer would!