Mike's Success Dashboard

Your Car has a Dashboard, Why Not You?

At all times when you’re driving your car, you have a dashboard in front of you. The purpose of the dashboard is to help guide you to your destination. The dashboard tells you how fast you are going, when you’re running low on fuel, and if something is not working properly the idiot light will be illuminated. If your car is equipped with a navigation system, you know when you’re off course. The system will tell you to make a legal U-turn when possible. We’ve been using dashboards on vehicles for many years. A dashboard is an extremely valuable tool and if we know this, why is it that we don’t have a dashboard for our life or business?

Download the Success Dashboard below. Works best when you download it to your drive and open it in Excel.  Some of the features in the file are not compatible with Google Sheets.

Download Success Dashboard







Listen to the Success Dashboard overview

Weekly Focus Schedule

There is no magic in this business but if there was One thing that would be the differentiator between you succeeding or not it would be managing your schedule effectively.  We all have 24/7 to work with.  The difference between those that are successful from the ones that are not is the successful agents learn to Master their calendar, be efficient with their time, and as a result have a high ROI.

I recommend that all agents download this Weekly Focus Schedule and modify to so you can be highly focused and achieve results.

Agent Weekly Focus Calendar example