Anico Life Product Portfolio

  • Term Life
  • Indexed Universal Life
  • Whole Life

Indexed Universal Life

Product type: Signature Indexed Universal Life

Level Benefit Plan:

Issue Age: 0-85

Coverage amount: $25,000 – $1,000,000 +

Living benefits: Accelerated Death Benefit for Terminal Illness

Age 45-80

Coverage amount: $2,000 – $20,000


Allow your clients to customize their coverage with policy riders.

  • Chronic, Critical, and Terminal Illness Accelerated Benefit Riders
  • Overloan Protection Benefit (Only available for Guideline Premium Test)
  • ANICO Signature Term Rider for UL
  • Disability Waiver of Minimum Premium
  • Disability Waiver of Stipulated Premium
  • Children’s Term Rider
  • Guaranteed Increase Option Rider

Underwriting Classes

Xpress Underwriting

An underwriting program that is used to process applications for insured’s age 65 or under and applying for a face amount of $249,999 or less that is designed to speed up the underwriting process to allow for quicker issues and faster turnarounds. Xpress is available for both paper and electronic applications. No automatic exam is required. The need for an exam is determined based on answers to the application, MIB, RX, and Risk Classifier.1 If an exam is required, the agent will receive a notification.

Issue Ages0-65
Face AmountsUp to $249,999
ProductsAll individual life products.
Underwriting ClassesStandard


Xpress Plus

Xpress Plus is a new underwriting program that expedites the application process and saves your customers time and hassle by automating a portion of the underwriting process for applications submitted electronically.

When you submit an individual application that is within the parameters of the Xpress Plus program, exams are not automatically required. If an exam is required, you will be notified, either immediately or via ExpertOffice.

Issue Ages18-60
Face AmountsAges 18-50: $250,000 – $1,000,000
Ages 51-60: $250,000 – $500,000
ProductsAll individual life products.
Underwriting ClassesPreferred Plus
Standard Plus

If submitted through ExpertApp:

  • If answers on the application prompt the need for an exam, the agent will receive a notification immediately in ExpertApp.
  • If the MIB, RX, and/or Risk Classifier prompt the need for an exam, the agent will receive a notification via ExpertOffice and email.

1) The Risk Classifier utilizes characteristics derived from public records, driving history, and credit history.
2) Cases rated substandard will be disqualified from the Xpress Plus program but are still eligible for issue with full underwriting.


Payment methods: Checking account only

Agent commission: Full for Level.

Application: eApp & Paper app:

Customer Brochure: Anico signature IUL


Agent Guide: Anico Impairment Guide

Build Chart:

RX Guide:



Sales Support: 888-501-4043, option 4.