What is final expense?  Final Expense is life insurance targeted toward people between ages 50 to 85 that want to cover their final expenses, burial expenses, funeral cost, etc.  The insurance carriers we are contracted with have created specific life insurance products for final expense.  These products Whole Life products have a face amount typically $2,000 – $40,000, and they are Simplified Issue meaning the company does not send a Paramed examiner to conduct a full medical.  You as the agent/field underwriter will ask the prospect the necessary health care questions, and then the insurance company conducts a Medical Information Bureau (MIB) report and Perscription check.  In many cases, you will know if your client is approved or not while in the home.

The Final Expense training below is based on methods that have been proven to be successful by many six-figure producing agents.  The key is to be coachable, learn the process, follow it, and repeat it consistently each week.

Booking Appointments

100% of the money to be made in this business begins on the phones.
Follow the phone script and appointment booking training. Become a master of the phones and booking appointments and you’ll do very well in this business.

Getting on the phones is where many people give up and miss the best opportunity in the world to make a very nice six-figure living. An income that is literally life-changing. If you have fear or call reluctance follow tips on how to overcome your fears and reluctance.

Recommended reading: Go For No by Fenton Waltz – Visit our Personal Development library

Appointment setting script:

Tracking your results – very important to track your results so you mentor can coach you to help you improve your results.

Appointment Scheduler – When booking appointments print this scheduler out so you have a quick glance and can schedule your appointments around other appointments you have booked.

Final Expense Phone Script

Final Expense Script Intro:

Facebook lead:

Hello (Client Name), hi I’m (Your Name) getting back to you regarding the Facebook request you sent us for the State Regulated Life Insurance Program for burial and final expense, remember it was the one that asked you about your favorite hobby and you said (Their Favorite Hobby).

Mailed in lead:

Hello __, my name is _________ and I’m calling you back from the Senior Benefit Center right here in (City). The reason I’m calling is because you had filled out a request and mailed it to us to get some information on the State Regulated Program to pay for your Final expense/Funeral Expense.

Tele-marketed lead:

Hi (Name) my name is __________, I am getting back in contact with you from regarding the low-cost State Regulated Life Insurance Program for burial and final expense.  You received a call the other day letting you know that I would be calling.  You said that your favorite color is ______. These state regulated programs are designed to pay your final expenses when you pass away.

-No Pause-


The purpose of the call was just to confirm some of the information you gave us, make sure I’m reading it right, so I can prepare. You listed your date of birth as (Client’s DOB), is that correct? Great!

You listed that you’re at (Client’s Address), is that correct? Excellent!

I don’t see that you listed it, but maybe I missed it, are you a smoker or a non-smoker? Okay great.

Would this be for just yourself or a spouse or partner also?______________

Determining need and interest

Let me ask you this, when you took the time to fill out that form, what was your primary focus, was it just to make sure you didn’t burden your family with those expenses or burial and final expense, or were you looking to leave something extra to a spouse or adult children or someone? Okay perfect, that’s why 98% of our clients fill these out.

Well there’s about a dozen options you can qualify for (Client Name), and there all non-medical, no blood, no urine, no needles I promise. They just make me sit down with you for 15-20 min to make sure #1) that you are who you say you are, that nobody is trying to get insurance in your name, and #2) to make sure you’re not hospitalized or bedridden or something like that. Now they have me booked solid in your area the next couple days, but I can still squeeze you in between appointments since we’ll only be 15-20 min. I have a (time), and a (time) available, which works better for you? Great!

Book appointment and tie it down

Do you have a pen and paper, I want you to write some info down… Write down my name, it’s (Your First Name), write down our appointment time, it’s (Appointment date and time), and this is regarding your request for life insurance for burial and final expense. Your confirmation # is _________ (make up simple confirmation # like MB2018)

(If married) Could you do me a favor and let your spouse know that I’ll be meeting with the two of you on _______________.

Optional tie downs:

  • Will my GPS have any trouble finding your place?
  • Is this a gated community? If so, what do I need to do when I arrive?
Close the call

Now, since I have a full schedule, and if you weren’t there, it would really throw a monkey wrench in my schedule. Now I understand serious emergencies happen, but barring an emergency, is there any reason you wouldn’t be there at (Appointment date and time). Okay great, see you then!

Objections & Rebuttals

Objections and Rebuttals

Anytime you hear an objection the first response should be “That’s Exactly Why I’m calling”.  This simple response creates an interrupt and allows you to simply and easily transition to overcome and maintain control of the conversation.

After you cover the rebuttal go back to the main script and continue verifying the information and booking the appointment.

That’s exactly why I’m calling! This is the benefit you requested that would cover your final expenses and burial expense if you died, and I’m the field underwriter that has been assigned to work on your case, and I just need a moment to verify some information you gave.


That’s exactly why I’m calling! I need to meet with you to review the new 2018 programs to make sure your policy is up to date and that you have the best price.

That’s exactly why I’m calling! This is the benefit you requested that would cover your final expenses and burial expense if you died, and I’m the field underwriter that has been assigned to work on your case, and I just need a moment to verify some information you gave.


That’s exactly why I’m calling! I need to meet with you to review the new 2018 programs to make sure your policy is up to date and that you have the best price.

That’s exactly why I’m calling!  When you say you are no longer interested is that because you met with someone at it was too expensive or that you didn’t qualify?

That’s exactly why I’m calling! This is the benefit you requested that would cover your final expenses and burial expense if you died, and I’m the field underwriter that has been assigned to work on your case, and I just need a moment to verify some information you gave.


That’s exactly why I’m calling! I need to meet with you to review the new 2018 programs to make sure your policy is up to date and that you have the best price.

That’s exactly why I’m calling! It looks like you haven’t put this protection in place yet, and we’ve actually got some really affordable state regulated options right now for 2018 that I think you and your wife would want to take a look at.


That’s exactly why I’m calling! Most agents only show you the A option which is the most expensive.  I show you all 3 options and let you choose the most affordable that works with your budget.

That’s exactly why I’m calling! I work with several major carriers that are out there, therefore, I am able to shop around for you and get you the best prices on the market place, period, and when you think about it, it doesn’t hurt to compare right? (They say “Right”). So with that in mind, I just need to verify your information and get those quotes out to you, ok …?”

That’s exactly why I’m calling! “This is the first time I’m calling you and You must have had a great concern for your family if you died unexpectedly and filled out more than one form and that’s probably the reason why you’re getting multiple calls. So, in order to get some quotes out to you …”

That’s exactly why I’m calling! It may have been some time ago and our records show that we’ve tried to get in touch with you before and were unable to do so.”

Are you a smoker or non-smoker?

Ok. Great! They have me dispatched in your area tomorrow. What works best for you 9:45 am or 2:30 pm?

I wish I could it would make my job a lot easier!  But because we don’t require a nurse to come and take blood or urine, and as a field underwriter I’m required to verify that you are alive and breathing and that you are who you say you are.  I’m meeting with about 12 other families that day and won’t have a lot time so I can squeeze you at 9:30 or 2:00 pm which works better for you?

Honestly, I wouldn’t even know where to begin.  I’ll run some options based on your health, age, and I always show you options that are within your budget and I let you choose which is best for you.  (Go to booking appointment)

How To Win On the Phones

These are tips from top producers.  Follow what they do and you will succeed.  Succeeding in this business is not a magical or mysterious.  It’s a proven process.  If you can follow a cake recipe to bake a cake, then you can follow the steps that other agents have followed that allowed them to make six-figures on their own pen.  


  • Full-time agents: 20-25 appointments per week will produce $5K-15K+ in app premium a week. Approximately 250 – 500 dials a week depending on lead type.
  • Part-time agents: 10-12 appointments per week will produce $2K-$7K+ in app premium a week. Approximately 150 – 300 dials per week depending on lead type.

Keys to being successful on the phone

  • Attitude – Keep a positive winning mindset. Don’t take the calls personal or get emotional. Have fun & smile. Let the negative roll off like water on a ducks back. Remember It’s a numbers game – the more dials you make the more appointments you’ll book which results in more opportunities.
  • Be Consistent and Protect your dial time. – Regardless if you are full-time or part-time, Commit to consistent dial time each week and don’t let life’s chaos steal that time and opportunity from you.  Seriously, protect as if your life depended on it!
  • Remember you can’t lose a deal you don’t have.  When making calls don’t be afraid to push it, you don’t have the deal yet so it is impossible to lose. You will lose the opportunity if you don’t pick up the phone or properly cover the objections.
  • Buy leads every week to keep your inventory up.
  • Dial about 48 hours before the appointment time
  • If you can book 1 appointment you can book 25 by dialing more.
  • Don’t stop dialing until you reach your appointment goal.  If you are just starting out and depending on the lead type you have you may have to make 500 dials.  Who cares! You are getting great practice and developing good habits.

Metrics based on lead type

You’ll make approximately 25 to 30 dials per hour.  Close ratio once you sit with the client is the same regardless of lead type.  The following are estimates to set realistic expectations for yourself.

  • A leads: You’ll book 8 out of 10 contacts
  • 90-day bonus leads:  For every 4 to 5 contacts book 1 appointment
  • 120-day bonus leads:  For every 5 to 7 contacts book 1 appointment
  • 12-month bonus leads: For every 7 -8 contacts book 1 appointment
  • 18-month bonus leads: For every 10-12 contacts book 1 appointment

Phone Script

  • Follow the mortgage protection or final expense script based on the lead type you are calling. Have the script in front of you to keep you on track.
  • Speak slow and low. Don’t be enthusiastic or have a chipper voice. You don’t want to sound like a telemarketer – you are Field Underwriter helping to protect their family.
  • Master the phone scripts, rebuttals and maintain control of the conversation.
    • Deflection – “That’s exactly why I’m calling”

 Dialing a lead

  • We dial each phone number 3 times is to increase our contact ratio which increases the number of appointments booked. You’ll also make the most of your leads and won’t burn through them as fast.
  • Dial each number 3 times. Dial let ring 3 times, then dial again let it ring 3 times then on the 3rd dial until they pick up or go it goes to voicemail. Each dial is a tally mark on your tracking worksheet.
  • A Contact is defined as speaking with the person who is on the lead

When to Dial

  • Dial Monday for appointments on Tuesday and Wednesday. Dial on Thursday for Friday and Saturday and Sunday if necessary.
  • 48 hours before scheduled appointments.  We have a model that allows you to maximize the number of appointments you run each week which is why our agents make more.  The more opportunities you have the more you’ll close.

 Tracking your calls and objections

  • Track your progress and results with the call tracker form. This will help you and allow your mentor/manager coach you to improve your results.
  • If you are just starting out write down each objection that you get so you manager/mentor can provide feedback and coaching to help you improve.
  • If you are getting a hold of people but are not booking appointments. Stop! And contact your manager/mentor to discuss with them what needs to be corrected to improve your appointment setting.

In Home Presentation

The in-home presentation is designed to walk you through the steps to win in the home.  Follow the script when starting so you can duplicate what other successful agents are doing to write business.  Keep it conversational and professional.  Remember you are a field underwriter that has been invited into their home to take care of them.  You have permission to ask difficult questions so you can determine their needs.  Don’t worry about losing a sale because you were afraid to ask a difficult question.

At the end of meeting, you either protected the family or you didn’t. So, being nice and soft doesn’t always win the deal.  That’s what salespeople do.  Professionals care about getting the client protected which means you have to ask the right questions to determine the right need. By you going through this process you will develop professional respect and the client will look at you as a professional, like an attorney or CPA, and not as just another insurance salesperson.


How to Win in the Home

Be prepared to win by having all your tools ready before you go out on appointments.

  • Make sure you have access the Slack Entourage underwriting group
  • Print and follow the in-home presentation
  • Print the client in-home worksheet
  • Make sure you have access the carriers, eApps, printed applications before you go
  • Make sure you have internet access through your mobile phone or hotspot


Success Tip: Write down all your objections when you are booking appointments and all objections you get in the home.  Review the objections with your manager to learn how to overcome or make changes to improve your process and close ratio.

Client Mindset

Life insurance brings peace of mind for those who love their family and don’t want to risk putting their loved ones in financial jeopardy and / or desire to leave a legacy. However, many people because they can’t feel it or touch it, and will not realize the benefit while they are alive, and as a result it can be difficult for them to grasp the value of life insurance.

It is your job as an agent to help them realize the value of protecting their family with life insurance and you do that through relatable stories and asking questions that will help them relate it to their personal life.

Story Ideas:

  • Share your personal story
  • Story of something recent in the news where someone died in an accident, fire, natural disaster, etc.

Clients preconceived idea of life insurance

If a client has an unrealistic view of what they can qualify for or what life insurance is about, you are not in a position to win.  It is your role to be direct, honest and establish realistic expectations. Otherwise you are wasting your time and theirs.

Client will think:

  • You are there to sell them something they don’t need or want
  • Insurance is a waste of money
  • It’s not their problem because they will be dead
  • Insurance is betting on their life
  • I can get life insurance at any time and I’m healthy, so I don’t need to do it now
  • At age 70 and with health issues they think they can still qualify for $500K at $50 month.

Position yourself to win

  • Be positive and confident
  • Don’t take brochures into the meeting
  • Keep it simple and on point (don’t try to impress them with your insurance knowledge)
  • Be prepared with your stories to share
  • Keep it conversational and not salesy

Control the meeting

  • Direct clients to the kitchen table
  • If the TV is on ask them to please turn off so that you can hear yourself talk or to make sure you don’t’ get distracted while you talk.
  • Make sure both husband and wife are present
  • Keep the options simple to meet the needs of the client and don’t confuse the client with all the options we have available as agents.
  • Be direct and candid with your clients. You are the only person that has the authority and invited in to have the difficult conversation with them about what happens when they die. Don’t sugar coat or be soft. If you leave the home and they are not protected, you have left the family at risk.

Build Rapport

  • Keep it short
  • Objective is to build the like and trust factor and establish some common interest so they feel like they can relate to you. Don’t spend too much time – just a few minutes and focus on building professional rapport through the process.
  • Be careful not to spend to much time building rapport as it’s easy to become a professional visitor and you lose professional respect. If they become too comfortable and you lose professional respect it will be easier for them to say NO to you.
  • Show your state insurance license to establish credibility.

The In Home Presentation Steps

  1. Purpose / why – Establishing the need
  2. Process / intent
  3. Benefit
  4. Financial Inventory
  5. Paint the picture
  6. Go over prices
  7. The Close
  8. Application process
  9. Wrap up & tie down
  10. Ask for referrals