To get contracted with Washington National follow the steps below: Watch short video below.

Here are the Codes to use when prompted: Copy and paste the code.

Non-California agents: CQB9601

California agents: CQB96CA

  1. Go to the contracting page:
  2. Follow the steps on the page to complete.
  3. Be prepared to have the following to complete your contracting.
    • Insurance license
    • Voided check
    • E&O certificate
  4. If you have any questions on completing the application talk speak with your, direct hiring manager/mentor.


Make sure you have all your pages complete and supporting application documents attached before you submit.  The contracting department will not proceed on any application that is not complete.  Thank you.

Washington National provides supplemental insurance plans for accidents, critical illness, and more.


Contracted agent main website for quoting and applications: