Welcome!. We’re excited to have you on our team and with your hard work and commitment, we’ll help you achieve your goals.  We are not your employer but your partner in business and together we’ll win.  We don’t win unless you do! 

It’s important that you get plugged into our process and reach out to your direct manager and upline whenever you need help. Your success is important to us.

Here are the next steps to get you started and plugged into the team.

Please follow and complete each required step.

You should have received a welcome letter with a Registration link to register with our agency.  Complete the new agent registration to get contracted and to gain access to the training and leads platform:

1. Register with us and complete your profile in SuranceBay

    • Register with BlueRock
    • Complete your SuranceBay profileImportant note: If you have an existing SuranceBay account you will need to create a “New User”  registration profile using this specific link.  When you login it will say affiliation with Mike Brenhaug / BlueRock. Create your profile and that’s it.  You do not need to select the carriers, our contracting department will handle the appointment request for you.  When you complete your profile in SuranceBay make sure you have all Green check marks (except “history”) at the bottom.

Newly Licensed Agents: Chose the “New User” button. Then follow the instructions to verify your producer identity from the National Insurance Producer Registry. The system will then send you an email with a link to complete step 2 in the process.

Existing Agents: Even if you have used the SuranceBay/SureLC system previously, you MUST register as a new user. Chose the “New User” button. Then follow the instructions to verify your producer identity from the National Insurance Producer Registry. The system will then send you an email with a link to complete step 2 in the process. All of your previous information should populate into your new account so you don’t have to enter everything from scratch.

Enter or Update ALL your information in SureLC system. It is very important to answer ALL of the questions and upload ALL of the requested documents. ** VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure to complete the DBA section so that you are prompted to enter/upload your banking info so there are no delays in getting your commissions paid out to you. Make sure your name is on the voided check.  If you use a company name your personal name needs to be on the voided check otherwise the carriers won’t approve it.

What you need to complete your profile in SuranceBay. 

      • Driver license or government ID
      • AML Certificate – Copy of your current AML Anti Money Laundering certificate (within the past 12 months). If you need Complete your AML go to: https://www.americanamicable.com/internet/aml/amllogon.php
      • Insurance License – Copy of your resident insurance license & NIPR #
      • Voided Check – Copy of a voided check of where you want your commissions to be deposited to – make sure your name is on the check.
      • E&O Insurance – Copy of your E&O insurance. There are several places to get your E&O. Here’s one company. Purchase E&O

2. Get Contracted with carriers

We initially get you appointed with the following carriers. These carriers are hand-selected to provide you a broad product offering for mortgage protection and final expense. You do not need to wait for your writing #’s to begin getting writing applications. Your manager can assist you in getting quotes and paper applications for your state when you are ready to go in the field.

If you are currently appointed with any of the following carriers discuss you will need to get a release from your current IMO.  If they will not release you, then call the carrier and ask when you are eligible to get contracted under another IMO. You can find the carrier contact info on this website.  Your hiring manager can find alternate carriers that we have available to get you started.

  • AIG
  • American Amicable
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Prosperity – your manager will send you link to get contracted.
  • United Home Life – your manager will send you link to get contracted.
  • Americo – Complete paper contracting app and submit your first piece of business to get contracted.

Complete the Goals and game plan worksheet and then schedule a call with your direct manager to review and finalize.  Knowing what you want out of this business and what actions you need to take are necessary for you to be successful.  Without goals and game plan you’ll find yourself getting caught in the busy work but which is not the highest and best use of your time. Every top producer and six-figure earner has a goals and game plan to keep them focused on the most important activities.

“The Greatest predictor of your future are your daily actions.”  Executing the right actions consistently over time is what will create success.

Now that you have gone through the training it’s time to get leads and get on the phone.

Based on your game plan that you created purchase your leads and execute your marketing plan review the lead options available and purchase your leads.

Leads are an opportunity to get in front of someone you wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to do so. With all the lead sources we have available the people have expressed interest in getting more information about Final Expense or Mortgage Protection.

View the leads we have available: https://onlineagentmentor.com/leads/

Get plugged into our training and support: These resources are how you will learn, get support, and collaborate with other agents. 

Results show a 77% higher commission with agents that use our training and support resources. 

Become familiar with our training websites:

  • Team training site:OnlineAgentMentor.com.  This is one of our primary training resources and agent tool for the field.  Save it to your browser and mobile phone.

Join our private agent sales support groups to receive answers, product recommendations, and sales insights.

Time to get on the phones.  Based on our game plan and schedule that you created with your manager get on the phone and begin making calls.

You are not going to be perfect.  In fact, you might feel reluctant because it’s new.  That is all normal.  Don’t worry about the little details – Just pick up the phone and start dialing and talking with people.  It’s like riding a bike you have to get on the bike to really learn how to ride.

Make you sure you have your leads, find a quiet area that will allow you to focus and take action.  Track your dials and write down each objection you get so you manager can coach you. After you have reached 3 people touch base with your manager to share your experience and get tips on how to improve.

Lastly, stay positive and remember it’s a numbers game.

Download the call tracker to track the number of dials you made, contact made, and appointments booked: Phone results tracker


You do not need to wait for your agent codes to start writing business. Once you submit your appointment request through SuranceBay you can begin booking appointments and writing business. It will take 7 to 14 business days to receive your writing number and sometimes longer.  Don’t wait! Agents that wait lose thousands of dollars in missed opportunities.  Get started immediately!

Your direct manager will assist you in what carriers to begin with, get you paper applications for your state, and if needed help you quote. None of that can happen until you have an appointment booked.  It’s up to you to get on the phone and book appointments.  Carrier and product knowledge will come.

Track your results by downloading the Six Week Fast Start worksheet: Six Week Fast Start Sales Tracker


Carriers you can begin writing with below: For more information on the carriers below visit our Agent Field Guide page

You can quote these companies by with our Quoting Tools page: https://onlineagentmentor.com/quoting-tools/

  • Prosperity Life – Final Expense Whole Life – Ask your direct manager for the contracting link for Prosperity.
  • Mutual of Omaha – Final Expense WL, Term, Accidental Death
  • Foresters – Final Expense WL, Term, IUL
  • Americo – Final Expense WL, Term, UL
  • American Amicable – Final Expense WL, Term
  • AIG – Guaranteed Issue Whole Life
  • United Home Life – WL, Term

Look professional with professionally designed business cards, website, and other tools to generate more referral business.

It can take 7 to 10 days to get your business cards and other marketing materials so we recommend that you order it as soon as you can.

Visit the company store

Most agents take advantage of our New Agent Getting Started package which includes the following: (Most Popular and best value)

  • Personalized website – www.LifeHappens.life
  • 500 business cards.
  • Social media announcement
  • Print ready Personalized Final Wishes planning guide and inserts to leave behind with each customer to add value and anchor the sale you just made.

Our approach and scripts are proven to work and used by top producers. Whether you are experienced or newly licensed review our training material and process so you are familiar with our model.

You will find scripts for both Mortgage Protection & Final Expense on OnlineAgentMentor.com website.

Final Expense Training

Mortgage Protection Training


The In-Home Presentation.  Our In-Home presentation is really more of structured conversation so if feels natural and not like a sales pitch.  Review it and practice it with your family and friends or with your direct manager.

For product training, visit the Product Training on this website which can be accessed from the top menu bar.  Here you will find information on how to write an application, information on carrier products, and how to register for each carrier once you get your login credentials from the carrier.

With over 100 insurance carriers in the industry, we have hand selected the carrier line up based on several factors to keep you competitive and profitable in the home. When you are in the home and you follow our Agent Field Guide you can be confident you are writing the right product.

The carriers that are our core carriers are:

  • Mutual of Omaha
  • AIG
  • American Amicable
  • Americo
  • Foresters
  • Prosperity
  • United Home Life

Review each carrier in the Product Selection on this website and also visit the Agent Field Guide.

The Agent Field guide contains all the necessary agent guides and product training that you’ll need to become familiar with our core carriers.

Watch the Six Week Fast Start Sales Program. This will give you an overview of our model and what it takes to succeed in this business.

Mindset is extremely important in this business.  I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind book and begin reading it.